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About Barry Llewellyn

Barry was born in Danville, PA, to Jack and Adeline Llewellyn, lifelong residents of Mahanoy City, PA. His father is a proud navy veteran of the Korean War who moved to West Reading with his mother shortly after he was born to work at DANA Corporation as a steelworker.

His father also worked as a financial secretary for the Steelworkers Union while employed at DANA. His mother was, for the most part, a stay-at-home mom, working part-time at night as a saleswoman in the Boscov’s shoe department, and later on the switchboard for both Boscov’s and John Wanamakers at the Berkshire Mall.

He was raised with his brother, Jack, and sisters, Lisa and Gemma, in West Reading. As a teenager, he worked summers at the West Reading Pool as a lifeguard, swim coach, diving coach, and later assistant manager.

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  • The elimination of property taxes, allowing seniors to stay in their homes longer, and giving all citizens greater economic freedom

  • Parental rights in education, giving them full transparency over what is being taught in their children’s classrooms, with easy and complete access to lesson plans, books, websites and all resources used by teachers

  • School choice for parents, allowing them to transfer their children out of failing schools

  • Fairness in women’s sports, where only biological females can compete in women’s sports

  • Second Amendment rights

  • Energy independence, encouraging the full use of our state’s natural resources in a safe and responsible way that will reduce gas and energy costs, and free us from foreign dependency.  

  • Respect for our police and first responders.  Fund the police!

  • Respect for all veterans, providing health care and economic assistance to those who have sacrificed for our freedoms

  • Respect for all life, from conception to natural death.

The Role of County Controller

The Office of the Controller provides accounting, accounts payable, the stewardship and custody of contracts, audit and payroll/pension services for Dauphin County government so that the public can be assured that taxpayer funds are administered prudently, transparently, and lawfully.

The Controller is the elected Chief Fiscal Officer of Dauphin County who supervises fiscal affairs, as set forth by the Pennsylvania County Code for Counties of the Third Class (Dauphin County).  The Controller is required by these Pennsylvania statutes to maintain and keep all fiscal and accounting records and to assure compliance of all financial and fiscal records in accordance with the latest standards and procedures of the accounting profession. The Controller is required by the County Code to maintain custody and stewardship of all County contracts. All such documents are recorded to ensure that the physical documents are received after they are approved by the Board of Commissioners. The Controller perpetually monitors all contract, agreement, and lease payments to ensure that no payment exceeds the limits or terms of those documents.

The Controller is responsible for filing the County’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and associated General Purpose Financial Statements with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Community and Economic Development. The Controller supervises accounting professionals within the County’s fiscal structure and verifies the entry of financial information into the County centralized governmental accounting system. The Controller also reconciles, adjusts, and closes all County general ledgers; prepares all County financial statements and accompanying reports.

The Controller is the Secretary of the Dauphin County Retirement Board, and Dauphin County Prison Board and serves on the Dauphin County Salary Board, and Local Emergency Planning Committee.